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Laboratory Equipment

Market Lead Generation

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We have crafted market lead lists for the laboratory equipment industry for over three years with a great deal of success. Our methods are unique and holistic in that we spend a great deal of time learning our client's company, culture and product (before billing) so that we can zero-in on the right buyer at the right time. The laboratory equipment industry is a vast, varied and ever-changing environment. And we know that current industry and product or service knowledge is key to crafting on-target, incisive, bespoke, up-to-the-minute and proprietary B2B lead lists. We find the decision-makers who are product or service ready to impact your ROI in a positive and significant way.

- "The Wolfland Group did a tremendous job creating actionable leads which yielded several corporate customers. Our ROI was through the roof."

                                - Dr. Christopher Wolf, The Solution

Our Work

We find the lab decision makers ready for your product or service in the following laboratory settings:


Hospital, Clinical, Diagnostic, Research and University, National, and Private, Industrial or Company.

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