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from scratch, bespoke and proprietary

We use the full gamut of our sourcing skills and expertise to craft lists of highly targeted leads. We find the decision makers who are product or service ready. The end result is a healthy sales pipeline with an excellent ROI for our clients.

All of our lead lists are hand-made and are bespoke to your specifications. And they're sold only once, to you. This ensures your list is unique, proprietary and up to the minute with current position and contact information. We are not a leads database and do not maintain one, nor do we purchase leads or out-source. We generate your leads. From scratch. And when we deliver them, they are yours.

Once completed, our clients typically utilize them in one of two ways dependent upon their position. 1. They pass them along to their in-house inside sales team to begin outreach. Or 2. they utilize the Wolfland Group's team of inside sales specialists to conduct the first round of outreach to further qualify the leads and establish interest before handing them off to our client's outside sales team to close the sale.

Our inside sales specialists are all experienced cold-callers and well-versed in outreach campaigns through email, text and social media. Each lead will receive five "touches" from one of our team members. 

We'd love to hear what makes your needs unique and to provide you with a free work sample to show you how we can help you.

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