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we leave no stone unturned

We distinguish ourselves from traditional inbound recruitment because we pursue candidates who have not directly applied for a position at our client’s company. We offer passive candidates. This is our competitive advantage. If your inbound applicant process isn’t getting the job done, we can help.

Our process is simple. We have four steps.

  1. Lead Generation. Our methods at this stage are what set us apart from our competition. In short, we leverage the entirety of available information. This means everything. Our process is anchored by sophisticated people-finding internet research techniques and deep web data-mining including job boards and resume databases. But we also cover non-internet resources such as phone research and cold calling. We leave no stone unturned.

  2. Outreach. We conduct a comprehensive, multi-platform outreach cadence. This includes but is not limited to email, phone, text and social media. This will yield a pool of interested prospects who will each have received an introduction to your organization and the specifics of the role opening.

  3. Screen. Once contact and interest has been established, our recruiters will conduct a phone screen based on your requirements. If this threshold is met the contact becomes your candidate.

  4. Submit.  We will supply you with the completed screen, a PDF copy of an updated resume and verified contact information. This is the hand-off and the point at which our sourcing process ends and where the traditional inbound recruitment and application process begins.

How do we tackle these steps? Agile Pods.

Sourcing and recruitment are distinct but hiring is a team sport. So we have instituted a division of labor to be more efficient and more effective. This is the Agile “Pod” Model. The method is derived from batch process manufacturing as well as the US government’s intelligence analysis teams. It maximizes the effectiveness of a small-team approach to processing massive amounts of information.

The sourcer gathers the intelligence, the recruiter processes and delivers the product to the customer.

A typical “pod” would consist of three team members with highly specialized skills (one sourcer supporting two recruiters), dedicated to one major type of candidate recruitment.

Our sourcers and recruiters can be plugged into any staffing organization, manage a job requisition load and take a candidate through the full recruiting lifecycle.

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